At By Design, our mission is to provide fashion-forward, quality products at an excellent price point to US and International customers. The Company fully appreciates with pride the innovative spirit and creativity of our human resources. We embrace the diversity of our workforce and strive to work within an ethically moral and socially conscious environment.

Company Profile

Since its inception in 1994, By Design has successfully operated its business surviving several big challenges and changes, and continues to be a leading global importer, marketer, designer, merchandiser, and wholesaler of an extensive and diversified portfolio of women’s apparel. The Company has a reputation for offering quality products with value for price. Our products are marketed and distributed to a wide range of department, specialty, discount department and mass merchandise stores throughout the United States and Canada.

By Design has started its business as the powerhouse of sweater products 20 years ago, and is still known as one of the best sweater makers in the US apparel market. Still the largest product segment of the company is sweaters, accounting for about 60% of its revenue, while the rest revenue consists of knit, woven and active sportswear products. In order not only to increase its business diversify, but also to adapt to changing fashion trends leaning toward a more casual and active wears, By Design has entered into the segments of jeanswear, woven and active sportswear clothing during the last few years. Those new segments of By Design are expected to continue to increase their portions in its revenue profile.

By Design’s customers are composed of most of major mass merchants, department stores and specialty stores in the US and Canada. The revenue from the top 20 customers account for more than 90 % of By Design’s business. Most of By Design’s products are produced by third party factories located in China, Vietnam and other Asian countries.

The competition in the apparel wholesale market is getting more intense as vertically integrated retailers source products directly from overseas factories and consumer demands for apparel are continue to be on the decline. By Design is trying to remain competitive and profitable by offering products of better designs and restructuring developing and production procedures to cut costs and retain margins. We also do not hesitate to use new and mobile technology in order to make our production and operational procedure more efficient and to provide more convenience to our overseas business partners.

Business Segments & Brands

The Company designs and markets its major brands and lines in four major business segments: Missy, Juniors, Tweens, and Jeanswear. Junior brands include: Love By Design, So It Is, and Rubber Doll Missy brands include: By Design, Carolyn Taylor, Debbie Morgan, Madison Lilly, and Miss Guided. Tweens brands include: Love & Dreams and Love By Design Tweens. Jeanswear brands include: David Kahn, Rivet & Blues, and Dryad.